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Introduction For many years I’ve been involved in scientific research on artificial intelligence, data mining and neural networks. Part of my research was prediction of future outcomes based on previous data (such as stock exchanges). Several years ago I got interested in gambling, and soon I found out that that prediction of sporting events is very similar to what I did before! So I
GOLDEN GOALS Win whoever wins Did you know that only around 10% of all football matches end in a 0-0 draw? Think about that for a minute.... What if there was a reliable way to profit from the other 90%... No matter who wins... No matter if it’s a draw.... No matter if there’s 1 goal or 10..... That would be a whole lot of winning, right? RIGHT! net There IS a way. And in this
The Safety Bet Thank you for purchasing this highly profitable football system from FOOTBALL CLIENTELE.  I am sure that you will, in a relatively short time, turn your small betting bank into hundreds, even thousands of pounds using this unique system. The Safety Bet can realistically turn a small betting bank of £25 into £2,000 within one full football season. I know some readers might be
You simply bet on well known football teams that have consistent home wins record. Here is my top 10 list -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Real Madrid       (Spanish) Barcelona         (Spanish) Roma              (Italian) Juventus          (Italian) Manchester Utd    (England) Arsenal           (England) Liverpool         (England)
IntroductionThe Football2020 Betting System will guide you to excellent betting profits on a regular basis. Use it week in week out and you will reap the rewards. Its very easy to use and to apply. The Football2020 Betting System allows you to manipulate football results to your advantage and using clever betting tactics will ensure that you will capitalize on eventuality. Getting Started The
I know that nowadays you can bet on practically anything to do with the game – from the number of corners, free kicks, penalties, redcards etc, to what kiss-and-tell wannabe the star player bedded the night before the match! Here we stick to trying to forecast the result of the game. The idea of value crops up a lot in betting on horses and perplexes many punters. A horse could be 10-1 on
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Introduction……….Thank you for purchasing my betting system. Let me take a little time toexplain…… I have used many betting systems most of which I purchased from EBay. Some were good, some were bad. Many of the good ones fell into two categories. 1) High profit but high risk - (If your first couple of bets don’t come off then you are on to a loser straight away. 2) Low risk but low profit - (
Congratulation on winning my auction for the football betting system. Im sure you will have tried many systems in the past and will have let you down no doubt. I have been there myself. But time after time of being let down I decided to start some research myself to see if I could find a system that earns some money. This does not involve the usual rubbish of doubles, trebles, away trixie
INTRODUCTION  Hello. My name is Paulo and I have been betting in football for quite a few years. Six to be exact. I tried Williamhill, bwin, totesport… you name it! I tried from singles to doubles, from trebles to accumulators… none of them worked! Most of the times I lost. And even when I was making some profit and was thinking to myself “this is it, this is the right way, I found a cool
This system involves following a simple rule which is only betting on teams playing away from home which are also odds on favorites. Teams that are playing away and have been given odds like 4/9 (odds on) are much more likely to win than odds on home teams, you might find about 10 - 20 odds on home teams to win in one Saturday coupon where as you might find only 2 - 3 odds on away teams in one
INTRODUCTIONHere we have two very good systems but at the same time, tow very different systems both of which are capapble of ptroducing great regular and profitable wins.WICKEDLY LUCKY PLANThis lovely little plan which I have developed for you requires you to select three home wins with odds in the region of 1/2.We also need to select three away selections with odds in the 6/5 - 5/4 - 11/8
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FREE MONEY TO START YOU OFFBetfair is the most popular betting exchange on the internet. The odds available arealways higher then that of a bookmakers, and higher odds, means higher profits so it is wise to place your bets on betfair rather then anywhere else.This method involves trading before a goal is scored. Now you may think that is a bit risky, but there are various ways to minimize this


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