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“Low Liability Laying” By ADK Publishing Welcome and thank you for your purchase. Following this guide to the letter will put extra money in your pocket of that I have no doubt. Also, don’t forget your FREE Binoculars! Details of how to obtain these are contained at the end of this report – Enjoy! Little Acorns© Section 1 Introduction Section 2 Little Acorns© (The Formula)
Warning! If followed by the letter This system will get you On the road to Making a good income from The horses LayPro88 – Lay System By Anthony Santos © 2007 Welcome to Lay Pro 88. First I’ll explain how Lay Pro 88 has arrived as a profitable system to lay (bet to lose) horses. Lay part of the name is obvious as it is a system to Lay (bet horses to lose). The Pro part of the
Introduction *** NOTE, the excel calculator is not added as i don't know how to add downloadable links on my blog. i'm still learning. ANYONE WHO KNOWS HOW please leave a guidance comment THANKs. Though you can still use lay calculators on the web Before progressing to staking any money, it is strongly recommended that the whole of these instructions are read and understood. It is then
STEP 01 Begin with a betting bank of 60 points, which is sufficient for twenty Platinum Plan bets. STEP 02 AT the beginning of each month, calculate your points as being 1/60th of your bank.Initially  with a (say) £600 bank, your  points would be worth £10 each. Your outlay on each race would therefore be £30 (£20 on the FAVOURITE and £10 on the 2ND FAVOURITE). STEP 03 At the end
THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM offers you the chance to assess each horses form and to produce your own simple, but accurate ratings. You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to operate this system successfully. Any ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be more than adequate for our needs. The basis for THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM originates from a
The 4 FACTORS which indicate a winning selectionThe beauty of the FACTOR 4 system is that it is essentially very simple.When a horse meets  the  FOUR  selection  criteria  on  which  FACTOR  4  is  based,quite  simply  it represents a very good bet.If you really want it,I will be quite happy to devise a personal system for you which  will involve you in 2 days work before you know which horse
As the title of the plan suggests, we are backing horses running in claiming stakes only. The newspaper required to operate this system is the Daily Mirror.Any system horse will be found in seconds and should be backed to win. To find if we have a system horse just follow these very simple rules:- 1.  Look for all the Claiming Stakes races 2.  Look at the forecast favorite horse 3.  Look to
This simple, but very effective, system operates for both Flat and National Hunt Racing. An added bonus is that any Daily newspaper which has a racing section can be used - you do not need to purchase one of the specialist racing papers. SELECTION PROCEDURE.1. Delete all Non-Handicap races and any Handicap races with less than EIGHT runners. 2. In any remaining Handicap races, make a note of
INTRODUCTION  The Placepot is without doubt the best value bet in gambling. Just a £1.00 bet can return dividends in excess of several hundred pounds! To win the placepot you have to select a horse to be placed in each of the first six races at a meeting. As well as being great value it is an excellent "fun" bet as it gives you an interest in a large number of races for just a small
You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to operate THE MAGICIANS SIX INA ROW SYSTEM, any newspaper which has a Horse-Racing section will be perfectly adequate. RACE SELECTION. Check through the days racing and note the first six Non-handicap races that are being run where the forecast favourite is priced between 1-2 and 5-1. I.e. You are after a SEQUENCE of six races in order to
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The Daily Mirror and The Sun Newspapers need to be consulted daily as it contains all the relevant and necessary information.   Before the start of the day’s racing programme, check all meetings in turn and eliminate from consideration ALL handicap races, and ALL races with seven or more runners.   Overseas racing is not considered.  If there are no six-runner races that day, seven-runner
PAPER REQUIRED DAILY MIRROR RACE TYPESSELLING STAKES - CLAIMING STAKES - CONDITIONS RACES ( CLASS 4 OR LESS ) RUNNERS BETWEEN 5 & 12 INCLUSIVE DECLARED Must Have Run within the last 90 DaysIf a potential selection is Odds On in the Betting Forecast - NO BETIf the Main Selection has NOT Run within 90 Days - use the Next Best alternativeUSE MONDAY - FRIDAY ONLY - DO NOT USE ON SATURDAY or SUNDAY
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System Rules This system uses Racing Post to make its selection. Do not use it with other source of information. Selection process comprises of 7 steps.1. Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday, strictly NO Sunday betting 2. Race Class - 3, 4, 5, 6 & 73. Only Racing Post's CLEAR favorites - with RP's Forecasted Starting Price From 2/1 To 3/1 (inclusive) 4. Selection MUST NOT win its last race. 5
This is an ingenious and proven way to make regular profits from betting on racehorses using relatively small stakes. It does not require studying the form book, handicap ratings or wasting your time with paddock inspections. The bookmaker will actually do the work for you. All you need on a daily basis is a copy of the SUN newspaper and access to the Racing Post betting forecasts for each
To make money betting on horses, you don't need inside information or luck. The best way to beat the bookies is by using logic - the same logic they use themselves.  This incredible but simple system was designed by a mathematician who knew nothing about racing. He simply used common sense and proven mathematical laws to turn a small starting bank into a small fortune.  The fact is, most people
This is a very simple way to greatly enhance prices for a PLACE on horses in certain races by scalping bookmakers' prices under certain conditions where the bookmaker has no choice but to offer way above the true odds for part of an eachway bet...the place part of the bet....and to do this you need only place 2 bets. You will need to have a bookmakers' account to place one side of this bet


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