Interesting System

The Patent System

OK so no messing about lets make some money

What will I need??

If you are doing this on the morning of the races then you need a copy of the Racing Post or access

to their website or mobile app, I use the app, its easy to use and informative.

If its the night before, then you need the Racing Post mobile app and access to the Sporting life


Ok, we are looking for races that have 8 runners or less

No banding, sellers or claims races

Favourite must be between 11/8 and 5/2 on the Racing Post or Sporting Life paper or website

NO EXCEPTIONS even if the horse is showing at less or more odds on the live betting odds.

Now go to the Racing post Tipsters section

The selections are the three favourites that top the tipsters selections for that particular race

On an average day you may get 3 or more races that qualify, then its the Favourites with the most


If its tied then calculate the gap between the Top tip and the second selection in the race.

You should then have three selections

If you do not then no bet that day

Place your bets on BET365, guaranteed odds, although a lot of bookmakers do this these days

If you find you are winning a lot then spread your bets around a few bookmakers to avoid getting

banned (yes this happens)

Now you wont win every day, you wont become a millionaire, but I reckon you can make a bloody

good second income off this if you implement correctly and have patience

Good Luck


  1. Hello, very good strategy but what are your last month for example results? Can u post this or maybe last 100 selections and the ROI on it ?

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