Football Betting System, £50+ Profit A Day

I have a Unique Football Betting System, eBook created by myself which I use to make money every day. 

I hope to show others what I do and hopefully give an idea and guidance on how anyone can do it.
The way I make my money involves “LAY” bets, if you've never heard of laying then it means to bet that something won't happen. Google it if you want to know more in depth about laying.

All you need to get started is a Betfair exchange account, I'm not affiliated with them so I'll not post a link, just type it into Google and create an account if you don’t have one. I highly recommend you download the Betfair exchange app on your phone because the app notifies you when a major event has happened in the game. I also recommend downloading betfair sportsbook app because its easier when you’re out and about to find all of the football being played that day.

All the bankroll you'll need to start earning the same I have is £100, never any more. I started with £110 bankroll. By all means not everyone can spare a hundred pound straight off so if that is you I would recommend minimum balance of £40 and then we will build it up to £100 and that’s what you'll use to make £50+ a day.

I make only 5 bets per day, if I'm up really early in the morning or have a late night I might
squeeze in one
more if the stats are looking good.


The Method

Step 1: Check all of 'today’s' football match listings on betfair, if you're using the app then open up Betfair sportsbook>Menu>Football>>Coming up>Today.

This will give you a list of nearly every football game being played that day in order of kick off times.

Scroll through and find a bunch of games that are kicking off the same time and look through to see if you can find a match that stands out. Look at the odds to see if there are any jump out at you.

Here is an example: note the 2 matches at the top are the same, must have been a glitch with the app.


now they all look like potential matches.

Step 2: Google Team A (AC Sparta Praha) v Team B (FK Mlada Boleslav) H2H

This should bring up a list of results, the one we are looking for is Team A v Team B on I will circle everything you need to look at.

88screenshot-{domain} {date} {time}.png

The top circle is where to find the game on betfair if you decide its the right pick. Circled under the team badges are the outcome of each teams last 5 games, the latest result is on the left. I can see both teams haven’t lost their last 4 games so I will look further.

87screenshot-{domain} {date} {time}.png

Next I look at how many matches have been won and lost by both teams. Check which team is home and which team is away and look at the stats to see how many games each team has Won, Lost and Drawn. You can see Mlada Boleslav haven’t lost at home and Sparta praha haven’t lost an away game.

86screenshot-{domain} {date} {time}.png

Next I look at the history between the two teams. I'm looking for something that stands out. A team that has won the majority of games, the amount of goals scored, any draws. Also look at the halftime score on the right column next to the + symbol. Has a team won both halves? Has there been a draw both halves?

By looking at this you see that Sparta Praha have won the last 4 meetings, mlada boleslav have scored less than 2 goals in the past 10 meeting. Also notice that there has not been a draw in both halves. ( in the most recent game at the top, it was a draw at halftime then sparta praha went on to win. I also notice that there has never been a 0-0 between the two teams. This is what I’ll looking at further and be betting on but before I make that decision, i'll make sure its the right one.

85screenshot-{domain} {date} {time}.png

The last stat I'll look at is the most important one, if you have an idea of what looks like a good bet by analysing the other stats then this will set that in stone. This will determine if I will make the bet or have to have another look through the game for another market.

I'll look at every stat, because there hasn’t been a 0-0 draw between the sides ill look at the goalless draw match. Check to see if the home team and away team have ever had a goalless draw. I can see that so far they haven’t, so that will be my bet. Anything under 3% would still qualify in my book and I would still continue with a goalless draw.

Step 3: Finding the match and laying the bet. The Lay market is always highlighted in RED.

You can see here (picture on the left) that I have found the match on betfair and I'm wanting to lay the score 0-0 at the odds of 8. This means if I win (ends any score but 0-0) I will win £11 minus 5% for betfair as commission so I will come out with £10.45. if I Lose (ends in 0-0) I stand to lose £77. This may seem like a lot to risk for £11 but all the stats have showed that this hasn't happened for a long long time.


The picture on the right is what it looks like when bets have been matched. As you can see, if the score ends 0-0 I will lose £77 and if there is any other score. I win £11 (minus betfairs 5% commission).

The reason I tell you to download the app is for notifications when your chosen match starts in the example below on the left.

And as you can see from the picture on the right, within 14 mins AC Sparta praha scored which means I’ve won £11 already


The next step is very important and makes the difference between if you'll succeed or if you'll get greedy and fail.

Even though I've won that bet already, I can't cash out for the full amount of £11 profit, this is because there are so many bets going on. I won't go into that too much because this works in my favor.

Having to wait till the end of the game to get the full profit means that I can't rush into another bet and lose. I leave about a 2 hour gap between matches and I never ever have 2 bets going at once. This one kicked off at 12pm so once I'd known I had won I started looking at any matches that start around 2pm. Now head back to the top and repeat for the next game.

Good luck I'm Sure you wont need it.


I use this method every day and spend no more than 10-15mins researching a match to make sure its the right one. If you have a busy day ahead then by all means do all your research in the morning so that when one match finishes you know exactly what bet you're making next.

Don't be greedy, 5 bets per day makes £350+ a week which is really good as a second income. Betting more in hopes of making more money could occasionally work but if and I say if you lose ( and we all will from time to time) you don’t want your whole bankroll wiped out. I have only lost once this year. Which is an amazing ratio (it could be luck or that this detailed research does work)

What to bet on:

I only ever LAY bet on
  1. Correct score
  2. Half time/ Full time
  3. To draw

Only use betfair odds of:

Depending on your bankroll only lay a bet if its odds are between 7.0 and 15.5.

I started with £110 so I made sure that the odds I layed were below 10 until I built it up a bit. Any odds below that are more than likely not to come in and for anything higher, they probably won't come in but if you have an unlucky day or miss something and it come out. Bye bye bank roll.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher. While examples given are real I can not and will not be held responsible for any losses occurred following this method. This is for educational purposes only.


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