Correct Score: 0-0/1-1

Correct Score: 0-0/1-1

  – Both teams as close in the odds as possible
  – 0-0 correct score 12s or higher
  – 1-1 correct score 7.2 o higher
  – 1-0 and 0-1 correct score prices as close together as possible (within 1-2 ticks)
  – Back the 0-0 for 1 unit
  – Back the 1-1 for 5 units
  – As long as there is no goal, do nothing; you will break even on the 0-0
  – After the first goal, wait a couple of minutes for the markets to settle, then trade out of the 1-1
  – Regardless of a goal or not, be sure to be out of all positions by HT

  – Note that if the first goal is an early goal (within first 5-10 mins), the 1-1 will actually go up, so you may have to take a loss, unless you want to wait for the 1-1 to come down (which can be about 20 mins)
  – No more than 10% of bank
  – To figure out proper staking levels, take the total amount you are willing to risk and multiple is by 1/6 to get your "1 unit" and place this amount on the 0-0.  Place the rest on the 1-1.  By way of example, you want to risk no more than $30, so 1 unit would be:  $30 x (1/6) = $5.  So $5 would be put on 0-0 and $25 on 1-1.
Advanced Strategies and Variations:
(Can be added individually to the basic strategy or in conjunction with each other)
  1.) Cover the Any Unquoted ("AUQ") with a small amount to provide a bit of cover in the event of an early goal
  2.) In the event of an early goal, instead of trading out for a loss or waiting for the 1-1 price to come down, you can start to cover some of the other scores, thinking 2 goals ahead (if score is 1-0, cover 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0, 3-1).  As goals go in, lay off some of the higher score lines you have covered, and if necessary start backing additional score lines.  This is a *very* advanced strategy and not recommended for beginners.


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  2. How to know 1/× and 2/× and correct scores pliz help me