Clever 0-0 Betting System

Clever 0-0 Betting System

The system is about betting the Final Score 0-0

We know that the 0-0 result is fairly rare, but it is not difficult to predict if we have the right tools and the right analysis policy ,We also need two aids:one from the bookmakers and one from the statistics

Since about 75% of our selections that will not finish 0-0 will have a total of 1-2 goals,we will also place a little bet on Under 2.5

Match Analysis

SCIBET( it’s a powerful site that will help us to make the right selection

We need to analyse every single match,
to do this we can click the stats box (placed in the middle of each match),do not worry, we will discard not valid games very quickly!

Now take a look at below stats screen carefully, because it contains the PERFECT RECIPE for our bet!

First,look at the graphs:the defense line is clearly higher than the attack line,and that is valid for both teams,the lines do not have big changes and they appear constant in the graph(they are fairly linear).

Save mentally the characteristics of this graphs because is the main prerequisite for our selection!!
Now look at the “Average Odds” row (bottom of the page), we have: 
2.95 Average Odd for the Draw,
1.48 Average Odd for the Under2.5
As you might have realized this match is between two passive teams, which tend to defend rather than attack
THIS IS A VALID MATCH FOR OUR SELECTION!!!! fact,as you can see(look at the first row),the final score was 0-0. Let’s take another example

This is also a valid match for our selection: Defense lines above the attack lines and this is valid for both teams,Average Draw Odd is 3.13 and Under2.5 Average Odd is 1.58,the final score of this match was 0-0!
Selection Criteria
So,we need:
1-A graphs with the above characteristics,at least 3 months of stats are required
2-Fairly linear graphs lines,the defence line must be above the attack line for both teams
3-The difference between attack and defence value must be 15% or greater for both teams*
4-The Average Betting Odd for the Draw must be 3.25 or less
5-The Average Betting Odd for the Under2.5 must be 1.9 or less

*The percentages are expressed in decimal format(0.47=47% 0.84=84% etc.)

P L E A S E D O N O T F A L L O U T T H E S E V A L U E S ( E V E N I F M I N I M A L )
These are the optimal values with wich the system has been tested and you have to respect them
We can easily discard non-valid matches from the Home Page:if we see that the Average Betting Odd for the Draw is greater than 3.25 we can avoid to go further
Note: You can change the fixtures date by clicking on the top bar in the home page
We must divide our stake in two parts: one for Final Score 0-0 and one for the Under 2.5,using the following formulas:
Final Score 0-0=Bankroll/50
Under 2.5=Final Score Bet/(Under 2.5 Odd-1)

For example,If your bankroll is £50 and assuming an Under 2.5 odd of 1.7 you will bet: £50/50=£1 Your Final Score 0-0 Bet
£1/(1.7-1)=£1.4 Your Under 2.5 Bet

The Under 2.5 bet it’s useful just to get our money back in case the match will not finish 0-0

If you lose, do not worry about and go to the next bet,remember that we are betting on the Final Score 0-0 which has an average odd of 8!
This system has been tested for two years and actually is still winning,as you can
see it is a very powerful system,i have made a lot of money with it and i hope that it
will continue to give us a lot of satisfaction. My personal winning streaks record is of
three match...We are talking of three winning in a row by betting at odds
respectively of 7-9-8!!!,But normally you will win within 4-5 matches.

You may not win for several days, but then maybe you will win three in a row in just one day!

You should try this system for at least two weeks to see optimal results:in two
years I have personally experienced losing money for a whole week,if you do not want to risk money just take notes of the outcomes.

If you do not understand something of this guide please post your question on the blog


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