Under 2.5 Betting System

What you need

You will need a betting account, im not going to recommend a particular betting account as I have no affiliation with any, I use 4-5 different accounts myself and I only bet online and on my phone as I don’t waste time travelling to bookies in the high street. If you need help choosing a betting account please email me and I will be happy to help.

You will also need access to a website called www.scibet. com this website is Free and will help you choose the bets to place. Its not the only tool for picking bets however its a great help and is a key part of the system.


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  3. is it still appropriate to play like this exactly?

    I have a question. if the odds are more likely 1.40-1.80, how come their draw percentages are at least 70%?

    thank you.

    1. I guess I cant see "% betting tips" part at scibet now..

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  7. You need to be invited to register with Scibet, so how do you get an invite?

  8. Problem with system is finding enough games with under 2.5 goals @ 70% or above. Yes if only 2 or 3 games into a season its easy, not so half way through.

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